Hello friends and welcome to Help With Notes website. Our website aims at providing you all the NCERT CBSE notes for class 10 and 12 to make your studies more easier. This website is founded to help the students in studies.

If you are studying in class 10 or 12, then there is a lot of content for you on our website. We even provide pdf files of notes so that you can download them with ease and continues your studies without any disturbance, 


  • Provide almost every topic's NCERT and CBSE notes to students of class 12 and 10.   
  • Providing easy language NCERT notes to students that can be easily learned.
  • Providing notes to students of almost every topic of physics, chemistry, and biology without wasting their much time.
  • Helping the students with pdf files of notes that can be downloaded easily. 
  • Trying to sort out each and every problem of students related to studies. 
  • Trying to create an environment for students where they can easily clear their doubts.


As a student, I also surf the internet for notes of most of the topics related to my subjects i.e Physics, Chemistry and Biology but most of the time I didn't get clear results and waste most of my time in just surfing the internet for notes. Then I realized that like me most of the other students also suffer from this problem. Then I decided to make a website where the students can easily get notes and continue their studies without further wasting more time surfing a lot of websites for notes.  

We will always try to update our website so that it helps you in almost every possible way. For any suggestion or help, feel free to Contact us here.